Photography & Life Coaching

Renée Vernon is a certified Life Coach and Photographer with offices based in Santa Barbara, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Via the coaching side of Awaken, Renée helps women (and some men) learn to stop playing small, hiding from their own full potential. Her coaching guidance helps people see their true selves — with photo evidence — as they forge a path to living life authentically. She finds great joy in helping women re-connect with those dreams and things they always wanted to do, but never quite let themselves (for one reason or another).  Many women often shoulder the responsibility of the family's happiness, putting their own needs aside for far too long.

Renée believes we can design a life we want to live. But this requires getting clear about life's path, and creating an actionable road map with tangible goals and milestones along the way.  Ms. Vernon believes it is her gift, to help others see and act upon their gifts.

Why make the effort to change now? Because life is just to short for self-defeating thoughts, doubts and fears, which can be an enormous energy-drain and immobilizing… setting back our own happiness for months, even years.

Renée is also gifted photographer with over 20 years of professional experience photographing celebrities, political figures and entrepreneurs within commercial advertising / editorial genres… plus moms, kids, families and couples portraits. 

There is no better medium than the lens for capturing my client’s personal growth and transformation. There is a natural glow from within when one is living life on their own terms. We feel more confident, vibrant, and fulfilled when we know we’re on a path to our own Awakening and achieving our dreams & goals. This shows on camera, and it’s beautiful.
— Renée Vernon

With her passion and skilled eye for photography, she quickly began to observe that her coaching clients seemed to literally transform from the inside, out. She noticed a radiance, a certain beaming happiness, confidence — and wanted her clients to see it too.

Awaken Portrait sessions are available without Life Coaching, and visa-versa... but combined together, it can make for some truly incredible, powerful images captured via the lens. Renée shares, “This is you shining through, and I can’t think of anything more important and meaningful to celebrate than that.”